So you’re having a baby.


Congratulations! Your life will be forever changed (for the better).

Imagine if that little bundle of joy was also a gateway to an exciting new life for your family in Brazil.

Imagine giving birth being surrounded by the pristine beaches and inspiring nature of Florianópolis, a safe, beautiful island city in Brazil’s south.

Imagine world-class medical care, an affordable cost of living and a smooth pathway through the Brazilian bureaucracy.

Our team will make all this possible, standing with you every step of the way.

Come on in, the water’s lovely.

I just would like to express my profound thanks to your team, particularly Patricia, for going above and beyond in helping us with the process of giving birth and receiving our RNE cards. Choosing your team was the best decision we made in our short time in Brazil.

From William and Mary Jade

We are extremely grateful for the help Christian gave us while we were in Florianópolis. We gave birth in the public hospital and were really happy with the experience. Christian was a good friend to us while we were in Brazil, showing us around, explaining how things worked and helping Florianópolis to feel like home. We would definitely recommend his team.

From Alexander and Marthe