What is it like at the border when I arrive in Brazil?

A common question we receive is “What happens when I arrive at the border? Will I be turned away for being pregnant?” The short answer is no.

If you have a valid tourist visa and you can show your return ticket home, then you should sail through immigration with no problems. If you are later into your pregnancy, we recommend you wear loose fitting clothing to avoid attracting attention. These little things can’t hurt. Remember you’re entering as a tourist, so if you are asked what you plan to do while in Brazil, be ready to list a few destinations you plan to see while you are in the country.

In all our years of experience, we have never heard of anyone being turned away at the border for being pregnant. However, we have heard of people having their tourist visa applications rejected at the Brazilian embassy in their home country because they were suspicious that they were pregnant. Keep this in mind when you apply for your tourist visas – do it as early in your pregnancy as you can, and be sure to include evidence that you have a stable life to return home to after your trip to Brazil (i.e. a job, a house, a bank account, etc. )


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