How expensive is Florianópolis?

This is a difficult question to answer, much like ‘How long is a piece of string?’ because we all have different tastes, needs and lifestyles, and these all have an impact on how much money we spend each day.

We recommend you visit Numbeo, a useful tool which allows you to compare the cost of living in your own city to the cost of living in Florianópolis.

When compared to other Brazilian cities, like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the cost of living in Florianópolis is noticeably lower.

Accommodation is likely to be your biggest expense while you’re in Brazil. If you are planning on living in Brazil for an extended period of time (for a year or more), you will find it quite a cheap city to live. You can expect to pay between R$900 – R$1800 per month for a 1 bedroom, R$1500 – R$2000+ for a 2 bedroom.

If you are staying for a shorter period, or during high season, you can expect to pay more. There are ways to avoid the high season price jump, like choosing to stay across the bridge on the continent, or by staying in neighbourhoods that are not near the beach. We have a network of landlords that we work with to help find the best value accommodation for our clients.

You can convert the above prices from Brazilian reais to your own currency here.

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