What is involved with giving birth at a private hospital?

We have two private hospitals that we recommend, however there is one in particular that we work with the most. Once you have paid a deposit for our services, we will share the details of the hospital.

Our preferred private hospital is an upscale private hospital located a short drive from the centre of Florianópolis. It offers a range of rooms and suites, an on-site restaurant and a fully-equipped labour ward with a spa bath. Medical staff are highly trained and many speak English.

Birth packages here are all inclusive of obstetrician, pediatrician, anesthetist and support staff fees. 2 nights accommodation and breakfasts are included in the rate for mother and father. Both natural and caesarian birth options are available.

When you arrive in Florianópolis we will accompany you on a tour of the hospital, where you can look at the facilities and ask questions of the staff. We will then hand you over to them for your future care. Mothers should be having monthly check-ups in the lead up to the delivery.

Current prices for a private hospital birth can be found here.

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