What is involved with a home birth?

We have a team of qualified midwives that we work with. They speak English and work in private or public hospitals in Florianópolis. They have successfully delivered hundreds of babies at home.

Once you have paid a deposit for our services, we will connect you with the team, so you can ask questions and they can talk you through what you can expect.

Once you go into labour, the team from of midwives will come to your home. They will bring an inflatable pool, which will be filled with warm water. Pain relief is available should you need it. If there are any complications, you will be taken to the public hospital to complete the birth. There are no extra fees to pay to the public hospital.

If you prefer, you can ask to be taken to one of our preferred private hospitals, however this will mean you incur further fees. You will need to pay your full fees to the midwives as well as to the private hospital.

Current fees for a home birth can be found here.

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