How much does it cost to give birth in a private hospital?

We have two private hospitals that we recommend, however we do not give out the names of these hospitals until clients have paid a deposit for our services.

Both hospitals offer excellent facilities, English-speaking staff and a range of comfortable rooms and suites. The standard of care is as good as you would expect to find in a private maternity hospital in countries like the USA or Australia.

Prices for a caesarian birth start from R$10,160 during the week and R$12,474.50 on weekends and public holidays. This total includes 2 nights accommodation and breakfast, fees for the obstetrician, pediatrician, anaesthetist and support staff. Should you wish to stay in a larger, better equipped suite, the price is R$12,650 during the week, R$15,582 for weekends and public holidays.

Prices for a natural birth start from R$10,110 (weekdays) and R$12,409 (weekends and public holidays). The price offers the same inclusions as above.

If you start out having a natural birth, but complications mean you must have a caesarian, prices begin at R$12,380 (weekdays), R$15,179 (weekends and public holidays). Inclusions as above.

If you are having twins, you will pay double the pediatrician fee (an extra R$1,400) and double the fee for the exams done at the time of delivery (an extra R$460).

You can convert the above prices from Brazilian reais to your own currency here.

Prices correct as of January 2018.

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