In which month of my pregnancy should I arrive in Brazil?

There are a few issues to consider with this question:

  1. Your international airline will have rules about how late in your pregnancy you can fly.
  2. When you fly into Brazil (usually into Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo) you will need to catch a short connecting flight to Florianópolis. You need to be aware of the rules of this connecting airline as well. Click here for details on rules for each Brazilian domestic airline.
  3. You need to keep in mind that you will be passing through the border at the airport, usually on a tourist visa. While we have never had a passenger refused entry for being pregnant, we think you will feel more relaxed at the border if you travel a little earlier in your pregnancy.

The earlier you can come to Brazil, the better. Some people worry that if they come too early, their visa will expire.

Your tourist visa should last for 90 days, and you can usually renew the visa for an additional 90 days if you wish (depending on which country you are from).

Please note: the fee for overstaying your tourist visa has increased dramatically. For more information on overstaying your tourist visa, please click here.

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